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Donation Pledge

This project relies on the collective efforts from everyone, and we hope to use this to build a bond among people. We welcome donations in any amount.


The reconstruction of the Enlightenment Temple in Chicago, after being demolished in mid-2020, the foundation works have been completed. Due to the continuation of the epidemic and various reasons, so far, the amount of money raised can only cover two floors, and the plan to build four floors will be forced to postpone. In the original plan, the third and fourth floors are to be used for the "Dhamma Hall", "Meditation Hall" and "Library Room" providing the public with the purpose of physical and spiritual cultivation. Therefore, we sincerely make a plead to everyone from all walks of life to support the Temple and hope that the project can proceed smoothly. It will be a blessing that a four-story Buddhist Temple in Chicago Chinatown can be completed as soon as possible.

  • Just for your reference, the average cost of the building is about $150 per square feet. The total square footage of the building is11436 SF.

  • All donors will have their name on the online plaque of Merits and Virtues. Unless the donors would like to remain anonymous.

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