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Celebrate with us!

After 2 years and 8 months of construction for a new 4-story building, we are now open on the first floor only and welcome you to our new temple building for spiritual (mind and body), community-service related and educational services.  Drop by or visit us at and learn more about who we are, our programs, events and activities. The official opening ceremony will take place on Vesak Day on May 26, 2023.

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Support our Fundraising Goal

The IBFA is dedicated to the Practice, Preservation, and Promotion of the Buddha's teachings.  Our temple and monastics join together to bring this to the community.  As members of our community, we hope that you, your family and friends and businesses would help support us.   Our fundraising goal of $250,000 is needed for the costs associated with the building of the new temple.  Please visit our donation page on our website for ways of giving at  or drop by the temple to speak with us.  Every donation makes a difference regardless of size.   We need your support to fulfill our mission and to serve your needs and that of the community.

We would like to honor donations of at least $3,000 with a special recognition of your name displayed on our Recognition Wall in the temple. For the donations of $10,000 or more, the donor's name will be displayed on the Recognition Wall on the 2nd floor.


For your convenience, our Zelle ID is IBFA2251@GMAIL.COM 

If you prefer to write a check: Please mail your check to:  IBFA, 2251 S. Wentworth Ave, Chicago IL, 60616.

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